The trailer of Operation MBBS, the next web series by Dice Media, finds three medical students the journey of becoming a doctor in India.
Author: Tribe Desk | February 15th 2020
Dice Media, a web series channel by Pocket Aces, has released the trailer of its next original, Operation MBBS. From the makers of Little Things, What The Folks, and Adulting, we expect this new series to keep up their standard.

Operation MBBS chronicles the story of three first-year medical students Nishant, Huma and Sakshi who join one of the best MBBS colleges in the country to become doctors. But they are poles apart in their dreams, personalities and approach towards life.

Nishant (Ayush Mehra) is the unwilling student who has been pressured into joining by his father, doctor from Bulandshahr, UP. Huma (Sarah Hashmi) is the highly ambitious, well to do, overachiever raised by a single mother. And Sakshi (Anshul Chauhan), Huma’s roommate belongs to a small town in Maharashtra and has struggled her way to the top.

What happens when these three come together to navigate the almost impossible task? What propels them forward? Is it friendship or competition? Or money or saving lives? Watch the trailer here.

Operation MBBS is directed by Amrit Raj Gupta, who has also directed Gullak and Bachelors, and written by Ayesha Nair, Puneet Batra, and Pravin Yadav. It has been produced by Aditi Shrivastava, Ashwin Suresh, and Anirudh Pandita.

Presented by Unacademy, the series hopefully showcases a more credible journey of becoming a doctor in India than Munnabhai MBBS and Alt Balaji's Medically Yours (sic, sorry I had to).

Operation MBBS starts streaming on 22 February 2020 on the Dice Media Youtube channel.
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