Loved Gully Boy? You'd like to watch Gully Life, a documentary which shows the life of rapper DIVINE, the inspiration behind Ranveer Singh's Murad.
Author: Tribe Desk | July 2nd 2019
Zoya Akhtar's precious gem Gully Boy released to both critical and commercial success earlier this year. Despite a fully formed man (almost 34-year-old Ranveer Singh) playing a 19-year-old boy coming of age, I can't deny how much I loved the movie.

​And now we have a documentary about the man who was the inspiration behind the character Murad, called Gully Life – The Story of Divine.​
The true ​underdog story about the life of a Mumbai-based rapper from the streets​, ​his breakout song, Mere Gully Mein - and​ the global sensation that he has become along with​ his troupe, ​​who go by the name ‘Gully Gang’​, this is a film worth watching.​ Less than a decade ago,​ ​things were vastly different. Living with his grandmother in an eastern Mumbai suburb, Vivian Fernandes was a young boy with no knowledge of hip-hop.​ Watch the trailer.​

​Divine is​ one of the most sought-after musicians in India and a global superstar​, who grew up in the bylanes of Sahar in the JB Nagar slums. And this documentary you get the first-person account of his incredible journey, including the murder he witnessed as a child is described in graphic detail​ or the​ memories of growing up with an abusive father​. ​He even talks about his very short stint as an English rapper, something he disses himself, before he decided to rap in Hindi. You would also get to witness a few collaborators talking about the genius of Divine, including Nucleya, Zoya Akhtar and Ranveer Singh.​

The ​50-minute ​documentary is directed by Akshat Gupt, co-founder of Supari Studios, who makes his full-length documentary debut with Gully Life. Produced by Red Bull Media House Production in association with Gully Gang Entertainment & Supari Studios, the trailer was released by the Mumbai-based hip-hop artist Divine on 17 June 2019.​

Gully Life premiered last night, on 1 July 2019 at 9 pm on the Discovery Network, across various channels in​ English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu. Other than probable repeat telecasts, it will have a digital release on Red Bull TV on 15 July 2019, and Divine's YouTube Channel on 17 July 2019.
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