Anand Patwardhan has quietly released the first two chapters of his IDFA winning documentary Reason (Vivek) on Youtube for free.
Author: Tribe Desk | April 6th 2019
A lot of films have been released in the last three months, many of which are blatant propaganda, as the 2019 national elections come up. Amidst all these election timed films, Anand Patwardhan has decided to quietly release the first two chapters of Reason | Vivek for free on Youtube. And this is the one you really need to watch. 

Anand Patwardhan is the acclaimed National Award winning filmmaker of Jai Bhim Comrade (2011). Reason | Vivek is an eight part documentary film, which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2018 and won the coveted IDFA Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary, the festival’s main award worth 15,000 EU.

The film (more like a series) charts the rise of religious and nationalist fundamentalism in Indian society. As per Patwardhan, the ideology that murdered Mahatma Gandhi has finally captured power, with the largest democracy at stake. Murder and mind control are being applied to dismantle a secular democracy that once aspired to the values of enlightenment and non-violence. As accusations fly of “eating cow meat” or “treason of Mother India,” minorities and all those who fight for the poor bear the brunt of rising Hindu majoritarianism and a complicit corporate media. He examines the far right at huge rallies where fascism is normalized, but also introduces us to rationalists who, despite appearing on hit lists, lead a growing resistance.

The first two chapters are about activists Narendra Dabholkar (in 2013) and Govind Pansare (in 2015.) respectively. Both of their murders have been blamed by many on ​right-wing activists though the Maharashtra government and the Central Bureau of Investigation haven't made much progress on any.

Dabholkar was ​the founding President ​of the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti and spent his life campaigning against superstition. He was gunned down during his morning walk in Pune in ​20 August ​2013. Govind Pansare, the Communist Party of India leader was shot by two unidentified gunmen during his morning walk in Kolhapur, on ​16 ​February 2015. He died four days later.​ Watch the two chapters of Reason | Vivek now.
Vivek | Narendra Dabholkar | Chapter 1

Vivek | Govind Pansare | Chapter 2
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