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About us

What is FilmTribe?

FilmTribe is your discovery place for independent and world cinema. An editorial for Indian independent films and specialty box office, we are also in process of creating a movie database for the Indian subcontinent. Just within India, there are at least 10 burgeoning film industries, namely Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati with Odia, Assamese, Gujarati, English, Rajasthani producing more than 10 films annually.

So help us create the first comprehensive online movie database for India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Tibet and Nepal. As we near the launch of the database, we will inform you via the newsletter. (Sign up here). And once it is live, we will create access for cinephiles to add films to it.

For all those who like, love or are obsessed with storytelling cinema - independent films, foreign films - film festival and otherwise... find your tribe. Here. And share films you love with it!

A Message from the Founder

A film I choreographed set me into a journey I hadn't intended for. Producing and then working beyond borders as a producer's representative for powerful Indian indie films, I was suddenly propelled into a world full of great stories, and art! Coming from a place where I used to feel there is nothing exciting to watch for months to suddenly discover so much great content, I now have a watchlist that keeps getting longer than I could finish.

But to discover the cinema I was suddenly working in, I had to rely on looking at every film festival's lineup in detail. There had to be a better way to both discover good films and generate demand for them, and I had to believe that it could be done.

So I decided to build a platform for South Asian films and cinema lovers – a place where anyone could discover such films quickly, no matter where they are in the world. And discuss them. FilmTribe is the commitment to that vision.

Happy browsing!
Deepa Bajaj