You would not Mind the Malhotras featuring Mini Mathur and Cyrus Sahukar! Watch the hilarious trailer now.
Author: Tribe Desk | May 28th 2019
Amazon Prime is back with another original for India, and if the trailer of Mind the Malhotras is anything to go by, you are in for a hilarious ride. The show follows the life and travails of the Malhotras, who despite all appearances of a long term marriage, really do laugh at each other's jokes. But when yet another married couple within their friend circle files for divorce, Rishabh and Shefali Malhotra fear that their marriage too may just be a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. And they decide to seek professional help from a puzzling therapist.

Only therapy ends up involving the most embarrassing and bizarre moments in the Malhotras' family life ranging from the quality of their sex life, the quirks of their three kids to the antics of Rishabh’s annoying mother. Watch the trailer now.

Featuring Cyrus Sahukar as the husband Rishabh Malhotra, Mini Mathur as the wife Shefali Malhotra and Denzil Smith as the therapist Dr. Gulfam Rastogi, the show also includes Sushmita Mukherjee, Nikki Sharma, Anandita Pagnis, and Jason D’souza as the family and Rahul Verma as the domestic help.

Presented by Applause Entertainment and produced by Born Free Entertainment, Mind the Malhotras is an adaptation of the Israeli series La Familigia. It has been directed by Sahil Sangha and Ajay Bhuyan and written be Sahil Sangha along with Karan Sharma.

Mind The Malhotras ​releases on Amazon ​Prime on ​7 ​June ​2019.​
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