The trailer of same sex love story Sheer Qorma shows Divya Dutta and Swara Bhaskar fighting for their right to love in their own home.
Author: Tribe Desk | February 25th 2020
The first trailer for Faraz Arif Ansari’s Sheer Qorma has been released on Tuesday, 25 February. The film tells the story of a god loving Muslim homosexual couple who fight for their right to love with kindness, patience, and longing.

Divya plays Saira, who identifies as a non-binary person, and is in love with Sitara, a Canadian Pakistani played by Swara Bhasker. The couple has been together for 10 years in Toronto and has finally reached the moment when they come to visit Saira’s family in India and come out. But the mother hates all of it and calls their relationship unnatural.

As her brother, played by Jitin Gulati, stands with her in the battle against the homophobia of her mother, played by Shabana Azmi, will they find the acceptance and comfort that one should hope to have from their family? Sadly, the trailer already gives it away in the ending of the trailer. Watch now.

Written and directed by Sisak helmer Faraz Arif Ansari and produced by Marijke deSouza, Sheer Qorma is a LGBTQ+ narrative by two filmmakers who identify as the same.

Sheer Qorma (or khurma/ khorma) is an Eid special sweet, a reward/ celebration dessert after the 30-day Ramadan fast. ‘Sheer’ is Persian for milk and ‘Khurma’ is Persian for dates. The sweet is incomplete without seviyan or vermicelli. As we see in the trailer, the family seems to be sitting together for an Eid meal when the couple comes out. Do the ladies get to have their metaphorical Sheer Qorma after years of having waited for it?

Sheer Qorma does not have a release date yet. The trailer has been released specifically for consideration in upcoming film festivals.
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