The trailer of No Fathers in Kashmir by Oscar nominee Ashvin Kumar is here, having won the censorship battle.
Author: Tribe Desk | March 19th 2019
No Fathers in Kashmir was recently involved in a very public battle with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), or as popularly known, the Censor Board of India. Having finally crossed that hill over eight long months, the filmmaker Ashvin Kumar is prepped for release and has just shared the trailer. And the film looks like equal parts innocence and courage.

The film is the story of a teenage British Kashmiri, Noor, who lands up in Kashmir in search of her father. Majid, a local boy smitten by her, takes her to a forbidden area near the India-Pakistan border where Majid is arrested but being British, Noor is let go. Can Noor get Majid out of the mess she has landed him in? The trailer showcases a fearless girl on a quest, probably aided by growing up in Britain, where human rights are not casually violated.

The two lead actors, teenagers Zara La Peta Webb and Shivan Raina, seem ideal for the parts. The supporting cast includes director Ashvin Kumar, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Soni Razdan, Maya Sarao and Anshuman Jha. Watch the evocative trailer here.

No Fathers in Kashmir is written, directed & produced by by Oscars nominated and two-time National Award winning filmmaker Ashvin Kumar. He was nominated for the Academy Awards for his short film Little Terrorist in 2004, and won the National Film Award for his documentaries Inshallah, Football (2010) and Inshallah, Kashmir (2012).

The title of the film refers to all the lost young men of Kashmir, who get 'picked up' and are never seen again. Have you heard of the the phrase, 'half widows' of Kashmir? These are women who spend their lives waiting to have confirmation, and sometimes a death certificate, so they can have closure, move on or just breath. A dialogue that really hits the nerve in the trailer is... "These women have been waiting for their husbands half their lives. Will they have to now wait for their children in the other half?"

No Fathers in Kashmir is slated to release on 5th April, 2019 via Vkaao, the on demand release platform by PVR cinemas. Add this film to your watchlist. We have.
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