The first teaser for Chopsticks shows Mithila Palkar as a tour guide for Chinese travellers and Abhay Deol as a con artist.
Author: Tribe Desk | May 9th 2019
Netflix India has released the first look for the next original movie called Chopsticks. Featuring Mithila Palkar and Abhay Deol in pivotal roles, it's the story of Nirma (like the washing powder as she's often reminded), a timid small-town girl new to Mumbai city and a tour guide for Chinese travellers, whose new car gets stolen. The film also stars Abhay Deol. Abhay Deol plays a con artist named Artist who agrees to help to solve the case of a stolen car.

Written and directed by Sachin Yardi, Vijay Raaz also features in a significant role in the film. And there's a goat involved too! Watch the ​other​ teaser​ for it​. Why is it called Chopsticks? Your guess is as good as ours.

Mithila Palkar is our relatable digital medium star having been seen in series like Little Things, Girl in the City and the lovely movie Karwaan. Mithila gained popularity after her ‘cup song’ went viral on YouTube.​ ​Abhay Deol was last seen in​​ Zero and Nanu Ki Jaanu.​

Chopsticks releases on Netflix on 31 May 2019.
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