Sunny Pawar was the real star of Dev Patel's Lion. The trailer of Chippa proves the same. Watch now.
Author: Tribe Desk | May 20th 2019
If you've not heard of Sunny Pawar, chances are you have still seen him. The actor played the young Saroo in the BAFTA and Oscars nominated film Lion by Garth Davis starring Dev Patel, which tells the true story of how Saroo Brierley adopted by Australian parents, sets out to find his family 25 years after being separated from them in Burhanpur. The 2016 film was one of the highest-grossing Australian films of all time making $140 million worldwide.

Filmmaker Safdar Rahman who makes his debut through Chippa was able to contact Sunny Pawar through casting director Tess Joseph to cast him for his coming of age and rare children's film Chippa right after.

Chippa tells the story of a boy who receives a letter for his long-absent father, on the eve of his tenth birthday. Chippa decides to leave his abode, a footpath outside Chittaranjan Hospital in Kolkata, to find out more with the help of his pup Pippa. Unfortunately, the letter is written in Urdu so he needs someone to read it for him.

It is the story of his adventures on a single night in the winters of Kolkata, as he journeys and meets a whole range of eclectic adults also in search of something in their lives. The cast includes Masood Akhtar, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Joyraj Bhattacharjee, and Sumeet Thakur. Watch the trailer now.

Sunny received at least 10 nominations for Lion in the category of Best Youth/ Actor Performance and won at AACTA and the Asia Pacific Screen Awards for it. Most recently, he has won the Best Child Actor Award for Chippa at the 19th New York Indian Film Festival and DFW South Asian Film Festival.

The film made its world premiere at Mumbai Film Festival 2019. Shot in only 17 days, Rahman says that it may not be unique, but offers an interesting view on the city of Kolkata, where he grew up. Produced by Celine Loop, Sushil Kumar Agrawal, Rajat Agrawal, and A V T Shakardass, the film is slated to release in September 2019 in India. Chippa is a film about a child is for children and adults. Add it to your watchlist.
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