Season 2 of Please Find Attached​ ​is the perfect millenial series to watch. All you need to know.
Author: Tribe Desk | November 16th 2020
If you love a slice of life story, Please Find Attached by Dice Media should be on your watchlist. With Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh in the lead, the series tells the story of Shaurya and Sanya, two millennials working in a startup in Mumbai. While Season 1 showed their journey as they decided to move into a flat together and later fall for each other, ​​Season 2 follows their journey as they try to strike a balance between professional and personal life​.

​The workplace-romance series​ showcases ​the complexity of navigating a new relationship when you work and live together. Add age to the mix, and it also needs a balance to be found between 'me and we' goals. Watch the Season 2 trailer here.

Directed by Nayana Shyam, Season 2 has been written by Kaviraj Singh, ​Sehaj Kaur Mani, and Ajay Kumar. Season 1 was directed by Gaurav Dashputra. The series is produced by Aditi Shrivastava, Ashwin Suresh and Anirudh Pandita for Dice Media.​ Season 1 was a mini-series consisting of three episodes​and ​garnered 46+ million views across platforms. We imagine Season 2 to only bolster those numbers. Season 2 returns with six episodes, which premiered on 30 October 2020. ​With four episodes released, the last two will be streaming before November ends too.

So if you feel like you can never get back the time you wasted on watching Laxmii, Please Find Attached Season 2 is the balm you need. It will remind you we have good writers in India, and worthy stories to tell about our very ordinary lives.

Watch the Season 1 recap here.
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