NFDC invites applications for the production of films in various Indian languages. Send in your screenplays now.
Author: Tribe Desk | July 23rd 2019
Are you an independent filmmaker looking for a producer or co-producer? In recent years NFDC has produced and co-produced a few independent films, which have also done well at the festival circuit. In recent years, this has included Ritesh Batra's The Lunchbox, Gurvinder Singh's Anhe Gorhey Ka Daan and Chauthi Koot, Gyan Correa's The Good Road, Partho Sen Gupta's Sunrise and Qaushiq Mukherjee's Tasher Desh among others.
And it is now inviting applications for a fresh round of productions and co-productions. The things to keep in mind regarding the application are given below.

Deadline: 8 September 2019
Application Fee: INR 20,000 plus 18% GST (non-refundable)
Contact: Or call at 022-66288288.

Here are all the FAQs answered by them.
Q. Who can apply for 100% Production scheme of the Corporation?
A. Only the first feature film of the applicant Director is eligible under the 100% Production scheme of the Corporation. The Corporation will undertake the production of the film and will also have all rights over the film and the story/script in perpetuity.

Q. In which language can I apply?
A. You can apply in any Indian language. Also, at least 80% of the film should be in the language as mentioned by you in the application form.

Q. In which format script will be accepted?
A. The readiness of the script for financing in relation to: (i) your final screenplay/script should be as per Industry accepted screenplay format. (ii) it must be registered with the Screenwriter’s Association or any other such registered association.
Please note, we need only one registered copy of your script in Original language. Remaining 6 copies (English Translated) should not have name or any contact details of the writer/director/producer/applicant anywhere on the script/synopsis/treatment.

Q.  How much should be the length of the feature film?
A. The length of the feature film should be between 90 to 120 minutes including credit titles.

Q. Can I apply for more than one project?
A. Yes, more than one project can be applied by the same director/producer but only one application/project, which is approved, will be considered.

Q. Can I change the format of Form A/Application form as per my project requirements?
A. No change in the format of Form A/Application form is accepted by the Corporation. In case you wish to give additional information about your project, you are free to do so by attaching the same along with Form A.

Q. Can I make changes in Form A post submission?
A. No. You cannot make changes in Form A post submission. One should be careful in submitting the application Form A.

Q. Can I apply for funding for a documentary/ short film?
A. No. Short/documentary Script / Proposal made will not be accepted.

Q. Can I apply for funding for TV serial/web series?
A. No. TV serial/web series script/proposal will not be accepted.
Q. How much is the application fee?
A. The application fee is INR 20,000 plus 18% GST as applicable at the time of making the fee.

Q. How can I pay the application fee?
A. You can pay the application fee by way of Demand Draft/Pay Order in favour of “National Film Development Corporation Limited”, Payable at Mumbai along with your application before the due date.

Q. Is the application fee refundable?
A. No. The application fee is non-refundable.

Q. Will I be paid any amount spent by me relating to the project prior to the approval of the project?
A. No. The expenditure by the applicant, prior to final approval of the project by the Board, will not be reimbursed or adjusted in the project.

Q. How much budget does NFDC allocate for each project?
A. The NFDC Board shall determine the budget keeping in view of the requirements of the project and the recommendations of the committee after examining the proposal.

Q. Can I remove, replace or add another Producer/Director to the project after my selection?
A. No. You cannot remove or replace the Director​ ​/Producer of the project after selection. Any removal or replacement of the Director/Producer after selection will lead ​to ​the rejection of the project.

Q. In case of Co-production, do I need to have the funds in advance?
A. Yes. Co-producer’s share of Investment must be presented to NFDC before signing the Co-production agreement post final approval of the project. The applicant (Director/Producer) must furnish an Undertaking from the bank where the funds are placed by the Co-Producer with instructions to release funds as and when required by NFDC.

To find the application form, click here.
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