If you have not heard of Kumbalangi Nights yet, you are missing out. Now playing.
Author: Tribe Desk | February 20th 2019
The new Malayalam film that everyone is talking about these days is Kumbalangi Nights, and it is for good reason. The gorgeous Kumbalangi, the ‘kavaru’ ie. bioluminescence also known as sea sparkle, the actors and talent showcasing their craft and the story of the film written by Syam Pushkaran, with all the subtext underneath, there are many reasons to watch it​.​

The film starring Soubin Shahir, Shane Nigam, Sreenath Bhasi and Fahadh Faasil is the story of four step and half brothers who live with each other while sharing a love-hate relationship. The house may be shed like in the fishing village, but Kumbalangi itself is a sight to see. But when a few situations in succession test their dynamic, the men have to both find purpose and if they are truly family, whether they like it or not.
Is it as simple as that reads? Thankfully, not. Watch the film to find out.

The debut film by filmmaker Madhu C Narayanan, though it hardly seems so released on 7 February and is currently playing in theatres.​ And it is doing really well in the Kerala belt and the Gulf area.​ Go find it near you, it's worth a watch.

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